Shruti Swaroop

Behavioral Coaching


Behavioral Coaching focuses on the subtle nuances of our behaviours which affect workplace culture. We focus on making real changes which can help in the change management process, conflict resolution, and the climate and culture of any organisation. It helps people detect blind spots and creates behavioral patterns for positive and sustainable workplace results.

Program Delivery

6 - 12


60 mins


6 12


60 mins


  • The program starts by discovering the HR leader’s objectives.
  • SMART goals are set for the individual participants which we can track through the sessions.
  • All coaching sessions are conducted in a safe and private space using scientific psychological assessments and the EMBRACE® framework.
  • Progress is measured at the start of every new session. 
  • With the individual’s permission, feedback is sought from the reporting manager or program sponsor on the benefits accrued from the coaching. 
  • Further internal review after 3-6 months is encouraged to check the participant’s progress in the areas of –
    • Mindset shift
    • Personal growth
    • Workplace performance

Ideal For

Teams and individuals undergoing change and enable them to focus on collaboration rather than conflict.



Individuals spot their blind-spots and biases
Managers benefit from improved team dynamics
HR benefits through better interpersonal relationships


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