Shruti Swaroop


Given the nature of my work, my clients expect high level of confidentiality and privacy and I respect them fully in their choice. I am humble that they have shared the testimony of my work with the condition to keep their identity confidential. Incase you would like to talk to a particular one, please reach out to me. I shall try my best to seek permission to connect you.

Rohan Pratap Singh

Boston Consulting Group | IIM Calcutta | IIT Delhi

Shruti is a great motivator and listener. I had done a few corporate coaching sessions with her- which were really insightful and informal. She has deep knowledge of the human psychology and immense experience for a targeted guidance. One of her great abilities is to listen attentively and put great effort in recognising the improvement areas both through dialogue and research.

Promoter and CEO of a 900cr

Telecom company

Shruti’s approach to coaching brought me immediate benefits. In her initial evaluation, I received meaningful information and feedback that I could act upon right away—and during my work with her, that stream of meaningful, useful information, guidance has remained constant.
I got some of my senior team members also coached by her and they too continue to see concrete, constant benefits. Thanks to Shruti, I can say, I now, have a better understanding of how I think, process information, and I can now zero in on the best approach to resolve the challenges of our industry-and in less time.


Head of BD, Telecom Major

I believe that these sessions were highly productive; and enabled me to tweak my working style to make it more effective. I was able to understand my deepest fears, insecurities, and strengths. It helped me understand what I want to do and how I can move forward.


HR Head and COO, FMCG

Coach Shruti’s flexible approach has helped make these sessions very fruitful for my personal development needs – beyond the expectations I had while stepping into this program. I had never imagined to see things in the light she was able to make me see. Its imaging how deep her knowledge and sense of experience is.


Coach, HR Consultant

As a coach, Shruti helped me identify my core values that define me and through some very difficult probing questions took me through an enriching, eye-opening journey. She has mastery over her knowledge and the various coaching tools which ensured that I never felt lost. She was able to help me see linkages between my wants, needs and obstacles. I was able to identify my limiting beliefs and today I am in a better space thanks to her.

Mrinal Shastri

HR and OD consultant

Shruti has helped me in some personal life issues and I was amazed and impressed at her ability to help me reach my goals through creative ways and means. Thank you Shruti


Director, Business and Operations

Shruti made my success her paramount concern. Thanks to her coaching, I have improved my leadership skills and her expertise has made me analyze issues in performance-based terms, instead allowing personalities and politics to blur my perspective. Anyone leader who is working within the context of a difficult political structure or in a hierarchical setup will benefit from her expertise and coaching methodology. And the benefits are easy to achieve. She is flexible and accommodating and completely trustworthy. I knew I could discuss the most confidential details with her without reservation.


People services, Indian Conglomerate

Executive Coaching is like improving your cricketing skills: You cannot evaluate your cricketing skills yourself, neither can you improve them. You need a coach for both. You cannot evaluate or improve your leadership skills without a coach and Shruti helped me do that. I have found the Executive Coaching process so valuable I have 8extended our original agreement.

HR Head

Consulting Firm

Coach Shruti effectively assisted me in identifying my developmental goals and objectives. She is knowledgeable and gives enough space to introspect and identify the areas one would like to work on. Commendable! Thank you Shruti

Senior Manager

Strategy Consulting firm

The sessions have effectively instigated me to introspect and identify my core limiting factors and self-imposed constraints. Higher self-awareness to grow out of the limiting factors have been my greatest takeaways from the sessions


Marketing, FMCG

Shruti is a thoughtful, accommodating, flexible and insightful coach. She gives you enough space and her calm demeanour and amazing approach to every type of situation makes it easy to move forward and find insights. I have always been amazed at her listening skills, ability to give you space to introspect and take accountability. Thanks a ton!

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