Shruti Swaroop

Emotional Intelligence Coaching


Emotional Intelligence Coaching creates inspiring and effective employees as they learn to recognize their emotional drivers at play at their workplace and learn to perceive and manage their own emotions as well as of those around them. This helps individuals build trust with their seniors, peers, and juniors by honing their empathy levels. This is how stronger, emotional, and more humane relationships are developed, and a sense of oneness instilled across the organization.

Program Delivery

6 - 12


60 mins


6 – 12


60 mins


  • The program starts by discovering the HR leader’s objectives.
  • SMART goals are set for the individual participants to achieve through the sessions.
  • All coaching sessions are conducted in a safe and private space using scientific psychological assessments and the EMBRACE® framework.
  • Progress is measured at the start of every new session. 
  • With the individual’s permission, feedback is sought from the reporting manager or program sponsor on the benefits accrued from the coaching. 
  • Further internal review after 3-6 months is encouraged to check the participant’s progress in the areas of –
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Empathy and Relationships

Ideal For

Enhancing employees’ emotional awareness and behaviour for strong and sustainable  workplace relationships


Individuals heighten their self awareness, empathy and compassion.
Managers get better team dynamics.
HR gets an engaged workforce and fewer grievances.


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