Shruti Swaroop

HR Advisory and Consulting

Regardless of company size or industry all organizations must

  1. Attract, develop and retain knowledgeable employees.
  2. Engage and motivate people
  3. Ensure effective communication
  4. Implement practical policies and systems to provide the framework for business success
  5. Ensure compliances.

With international experience in the field of Human Resources, I provide HR support to minimize time and effort. I support organizations in the space of: –

  1. Human Resources operations.
  2. Support in creating and building Human Resources as a function.
  3. HR support to strategise, lead and supervise overall HR operations and mentor existing HR members to build on the work already being done.
  4. Perform HR audits for organisations and ensure compliances are being met
  5. Employee engagement activities.
  6. Assist with creating a plan of action to achieve organizational HR goals.

The focus is to strengthen businesses by putting due emphasis on the value of talent, talent management, and talent growth. Leveraging international experience and benchmarked practices, I focus on creating a culture of learning and creating true transformation for better performance and productivity.

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